Quality Policy


It is the policy of PALS CLEANING SERVICE LIMITED to provide customers with a high quality service and to meet contractual requirements, any applicable legal and statutory requirements and codes of practice.

We seek to continually improve the effectiveness of this Quality Management System, which is reviewed during our Management Review Meetings, when we improve our existing quality objectives and establish new objectives, wherever our system may benefit from doing so.

The on-going suitability of this Quality policy is reviewed during the Quality Management Review Meetings.

We utilise a process of continual improvement of its processes and services:

• Staff are encouraged to review their working practices and suggest methods for improvement, where appropriate. In addition, all relevant processes are reviewed and improvements determined where practical.

• Service is reviewed via data collected from Consumer Surveys, Customer

Satisfaction Questionnaires, Site Visits and general feedback. Wherever practical

we will make improvements, so that the service becomes more cost effective.

Every member of staff must be familiar with, and carry out, the procedures which are applicable to their area of work within the company.

This Quality Policy is issued and explained to all employees upon commencement of work with the company, and a copy is prominently displayed on our website and in area that are applicable.

PALS CS LTD Management Team